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Automobilista - GP3 2015 by WST

  1. xnorb
    This makes AMS look really bad.

    This isn't Reiza content, is it?
  2. sogoku
    Slyfrequency likes this.
  3. Reb.Ellion
    No Reiza content.
    Title of the video says, WST GP3 2015, A quick conversion to the entertainment of some members. Be a bit more relaxed, and do not look so serious.
  4. xnorb
    @sogoku I'm not an open-wheel driver and with the F-vintage they also had those clipping issues in the Beta, so i really don't know :)
    Track is top notch, obviously Patrick's version.

    @Reb.Ellion I'm relaxed. Might be my perfectionism kicking in - and of course my wish for every video up on youTube showing the greatness of AMS :D
  5. Reb.Ellion
    @xnorb Now that I see no greatness in AMS (only a pimped rFactor, in my opinion), you will not see the greatness of AMS in my Videos. A well-meaning tip from me, do not look at the Videos of me. You would always be disappointed. ;-)
  6. xnorb

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