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Automobilista gameplay- MIT Lancer Evo Rallycross [1440p]

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Formula 1 in Japan #2 Automobilista - La simulation made in Brasil ! Automobilista | Online Race - Marcas @Interlagos Formula V12 @ Montreal Historic - Automobilista 60FPS Beauty bar honda Automobilista gameplay- MIT Lancer Evo Rallycross [1440p] Automobilista F1 2015 Extreme Williams @ Spa Automobilista Early Access - F1 2002 @ Interlagos Automobilsta Early Access - f1 2002 @ Interlagos Automobilista | Formula V10 at Montreal (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve) Automobilista Super Truck Cascavel Track Gameplay Super 8 on Suzuka Automobilista | Episode #3 | Marcas Honda Civic @ Cascavel
track: Tykki Dirt 2
played with x360 pad :(
watch 1440p
  1. FeltHat
    what the heck is this sound at 0:40 and actually during whole video?
  2. race_fanatic_
    That is the sound of awesomeness. It's the blow-off valve from the turbo that's making the sound.
  3. FeltHat
    i meant that rattling sound and actually its control traction :3
    race_fanatic_ likes this.

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