• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Automobilista - Formula Classic -@ Oulton Park -

paul carter
via YouTube Capture
  1. dcully
    Looks like a hell of a workout :)
    I quite like your vids, great setup you have there.
    Whats your favourite sim ? I notice you play all the ones I enjoy :)
  2. paul carter
    paul carter
    Thanks .. Your right there is quite a lot of travel on the stem that holds the wheel..(Playseat) so it isn't attached to the ground just runs under the seat. But in a way makes it shake the seat.. So pro an con? As for games at the moment I play a lot of Automobilista ..(why wouldn't you) also really happy about rFactor 2 announcing their deal with studio 397. As rFactor 2 is probably my most played. Long winded answer I know. But short one is Automobilista and rFactor 2
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