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Automobilista: [F1 76] Formula Retro @ Historic Interlagos (AI 120%)

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Here you can see my qualifing lap (2:26.334) and the setup i used:

Game: Automobilista
Car: Formula Retro, Copersucar - Fittipaldi (Formula 1 1976)
Track: Interlagos 76
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive
Driving with manual clutch and H shifter

Some laps taken from a race of 40 min against the AI, set to 120%, in one of the most beautiful tracks of all time:
the old Interlagos, very technic and fast track. terrifying!
The AI set to 120% initially made a bit afraid.. in practice and qualifying session the bots were very fast. but in race their pace was not impossible, and indeed I was a little faster, especially in the first 2 corners and in the last. my pace in race was high 2:27 - low 2:28.
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