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Automobilista | Episode #4 | Stock Cars V8 @ Brasilia | Online Race | Onboard

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Jose Borges
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Gear: Fanatec GT3RS V2 + CSP pedals

PC Specs:

CPU: AMD 8320
MB: asus m5a97 r2.0
RAM: 8GB Corsair
CPU COOLER: coolermaster tx3evo
  1. Slalom823
    I don't have AMS set up yet but that looks great and I really do like the stock cars.

    Great racing! Very clean and smart moves, it was fun to watch.
  2. Jose Borges
    Jose Borges
    Thank you very much!
  3. jimortality
    Hi, what are you using to record please
  4. Jose Borges
    Jose Borges
    shadowplay from nvidia and blender for ediying... it's not the best editor but it works!

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