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Automobilista / EEC GT3 Mod BMW M6 / Road America

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Jason Palmer
The team over at European Endurance Center have updated their GT3 mod for Automobilista to v1.3, so i thought this would be a great opportunity to try out Patrick Giranthon's latest track Road America.

I decided to fire up the BMW M6 this time round as this is the first time i have raced this car in a PC sim.

I started at the back and enjoyed passing some very varied GT3 cars on my way through the field, you cant knock these guys for having plenty of different cars to pick from !

The track is up to Patrick's normal high standards with three seasons to pick from. i went for spring. The dynamic track is all included as well with marbles building up off line as the race wore on.

After a bit of panel banging on the first lap things settled down and i had some great battles as i worked my way up to 6th at the finish.

The car was pretty stable until you tried to push it over the limit then it became a handful but a controllable handful which makes this mod very enjoyable to race hard.

You can find the latest version of this mod here - https://www.facebook.com/europeanendurancecenter/

And you can find the track here - http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/road-america-3-seasons.11455/

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