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Automobilista - Copa Montana - @Goiania

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Automobilista | Race with AI | Super V8 @ Virginia International Raceway Nice Gold Stripes. Automobilista // MODS [GSCE] F1 1992 1994 Automobilista Beta - Boxer Cup at Mendig Flugplatz AUTOMOBILISTA COPA MONTANA at ROAD ATLANTA Autumn Automobilista BETA / Copa Montana trucks / Johannesburg Historic Automobilista - Copa Montana - @Goiania Automobilista // DRM 2.0 ( GSCE MODS ) // Spa Automobilista // Formula V10 // Ferrari F2002 // Spa-Francorchamps // Onboard + TV Automobilista - beta V0.9.5b- New Content. Automobilista Beta - Copa Montana at Ribeirão Preto Automobilista (Early Access) - Goiana ST - Super Truck AMS Barcelona test #1 Boxer Cup @ Road Atlanta - Automobilista 60FPS
paul carter
via YouTube Capture
  1. Chris Stacey likes this.
  2. Chris Stacey
    Chris Stacey
    Awesome rig! But how do you play with so much head movement in game? Does it not get a little distracting? :)
  3. paul carter
    paul carter
    Thanks. Quite a modest rig. Did you mean my own head movement.. Or the in game head movement (camera shake?) I turn up camera shake on all the sims I play.. I like it.
  4. Chris Stacey
    Chris Stacey
    Fair enough :)
    Yeah I meant in-game camera movement, not your actual head, haha
  5. paul carter
    paul carter
    This game is just getting better with every piece of content. I signed up to the indiegogo crowd fund.(took the $75 perk.. Which according to the perk means I get all dlc for Automobilista as well as the beta for their upcoming game 2017... Nice... regarding the camera shake thing..... My actual head does move quite a bit.. So evens itself out.

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