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Automobilista - Chevrolet Cruze - Buenos Aires

Track: Buenos Aires n.º12
Car: Chevrolet Cruze
Quick Race 4 laps vs AI

Game: Automobilista - www.game-automobilista.com

THANK YOU for watching
Hope you like it, leave your comments, suggestions and criticisms below.

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  1. gamer19
    I can't believe you drive without shadows enabled. It looks quite ugly and unrealistic.
    alex_pt likes this.
  2. alex_pt
    weird... i didn't even notice that... sorry...
  3. Alex72
    What video editing software are you using? I want to find one where you can edit and do picture in picture, and that isnt too expensive.
    alex_pt likes this.
  4. alex_pt
    For video editing i use Power Director, it cost about 50€, never edited pictures on that software, for pictures i use Paint.net for free
  5. Alex72
    Thanks. I meant "picture in picture" like you did in your video. You have the normal video and then another small video on top. Actually you have two small videos on top of the big video. Its called "picture in picture" when putting a video on top of another video. :) So its all done in "Power Director"?
    alex_pt likes this.
  6. alex_pt
    I didn't know the terms, its all done in Power director... its all vidos on top of another, its 5 videos total, here is a picture http://imgur.com/2xHOBUm
    Alex72 likes this.
  7. Alex72
    Thank you mate. Seems perfect for me. :)
    alex_pt likes this.
  8. alex_pt
    Thank you :)

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