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Automobilista - Caruaru - Renault Clio Cup

Automobilista - Tykki RX - DS3 Supercar - https://youtu.be/wU7DYSmaQNQ

Game: Automobilista - http://goo.gl/YUFy6C
Track: Caruaru
Car: Renault Clio Cup
Mod: Clio Cup 2013 V1.0 - http://goo.gl/sgnLdC

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PC Specs:
MSI 990FXA -GD65
AMD FX ( tm) -8350
AMD Radeon R9 270X 2GB
Logitech DFGT
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  2. fredmucelini
    This vídeo is cool, but this track is Buenos Aires, but no problem. Kkk. Very well done.
    alex_pt likes this.
  3. alex_pt
    my bad, had also raced in Caruaru that day and mistakenly changed the name... sorry, will correct the name and image, Thank you for pointing out my error

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