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Automobilista Cart Extreme @Laguna Seca

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Automobilista CART Extreme @Road Atlanta Automobilista Kart GX390 Race Londrina 2 Reverse Gear!!! Hotlap 43'1 Automobilista - Metalmoro MR18-@ Brands Hatch- Automobilista Community TT Attempt #2 (External) Automobilista Community TT Attempt #2 (Onboard) Automobilista Hotlap Super V8 @Taruma Chicane Automobilista Cart Extreme @Laguna Seca Automobilista | Formel V10 @Spa-Francorchamps Automobilista | Mercedes AMG GT3 @Road America | European Endurence Center GT3 Mod Automobilista - Mini Challenge - @ Cadwell Park - Brazil's meeting Montreal Automobilista : Corvette C7.R @ Melbourne Automobilista - Dodge Viper SRT GT3 at Watkins Glen (PT-BR) Boxer Cup @Circuit of the Americas. Automobilista. AccuForce. Triple Screens.
Race with AI (100%) @laguna Seca
Cart Extreme Mod: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/cart-extreme.10810/

Spotter - Crew Chief v.4:
Wheel: Thrustmaster T300Rs
Addon: Thrustmaster Leather 28GT Wheel
Padels: Fanatec CSR elite
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