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Automobilista Beta - New Copa Montana @ Mendig Flugplatz

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Automobilista - beta V0.9.5b- New Content. Automobilista Beta - Copa Montana at Ribeirão Preto Automobilista (Early Access) - Goiana ST - Super Truck AMS Barcelona test #1 Boxer Cup @ Road Atlanta - Automobilista 60FPS Automobilista - Formula V10 at Montreal Automobilista Beta - New Copa Montana @ Mendig Flugplatz RD Mini Challenge | Round 4 Taruma Automobilista - V0.9.5b - @Mendig Flugplatz- Automobilista - Boxer Cup @ Road Atlanta - Onboard Triple Screen Automobilista - V 0.9.4b - Formula Classic@1988 Montreal- Automobilista - BMW CSL 2015 Automobilista - V10 - @Montreal Automobilista - Toyota Corolla at Road Atlanta
One onboard lap with this great new car at Mendig Air Base track.
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  2. Azure Flare
    Azure Flare
    That track looks so fun. The Copa Montana too.

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