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Automobilista BETA | Formula V10 | 36 Laps @ Interlagos

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Stephen Bailey

1) This is the BETA for Automobilista, only available to level 2 backers and up.

2) This is my first "proper" race with the car. I'm very much learning it as I go. There will be 2 or 3 spins, missed apexes and some sometimes difficult to deal with AI. If you're looking for perfection, you won't see it here.

3) Take note of the change in behaviour in the car as the stints go on. I end up having to turn the TC up to medium before the end of the first stint as the tyres wear and the car becomes lighter. Track grip also changing adds a third dimension to all of that.

4) You can't edit the amount of fuel you put into the car at the pit stop, so I got lumped with another 75 litres, on top of the chunk of fuel I still had left when I pitted.

5) This isn't the greatest race, for the most part I'm by myself, until I make a pit stop and start catching the AI on their worn tyres.

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