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Automobilista (Beta) - Copa Petrobras de Marcas Renault - VeloPark

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Jason Palmer
Reiza Studios released a beta version of their new sim title Automobilista yesterday for all level 2 and above crowd funding backers, of which i am lucky enough to be one.

So i thought i would check it out and see what this new title, a progression from their last title Stock Car Extreme, was like in its early stages of development.

Well i have to say i was a little taken aback by the level of polish this beta title showed right from the very first menu screen. It has a very clean and modern look and i found it worked very well and was easy to navigate.

It only took a few clicks to get everything setup and i was able to hit the track.

I have always liked the Copa De Marcas touring cars when they were part of the Stock Car Extreme line up so as this new title added a new car into this mix i thought i would start with that series first.

The new car is a Renault Fluence which is a 4 door model much like most of the rest of the field.

On to the sim itself.

Once again i found my self very impressed at the level of detail the cars and tracks have all looking very sharp, with the track seeming to have a far better surface texture.

The FFB and AI have seen a significant upgrade from their last title, Stock Car Extreme, with great feedback from both the car and track especially from the curbing. The AI were fun to race against and even at only 101% provided a good challenge without acting silly while side by side with you. You can see that they even cleanly fight back if you did not make a good pass !

Automobilista is due out on Steam by the end of Q1 and is well worth checking out even if you own Stock Car Extreme as its a marked setup from that title in all respects.

To find out more please check out their new website - http://www.game-automobilista.com/

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