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Automobilista Beta | Boxer Cup @ Virginia International Raceway

Andy Kettler
Automobilista Beta by Reiza Studios

Lap at Virginia International Raceway with the Boxer Cup.

I bought perk 5 during the Reiza Simracing Bonanza at Indigogo which gives me access to the Beta Builds :)


Assists: None

Wheel: Fanatec CSR + CSR Elite Pedals


System specs:

Intel i7-4770K
Gigabyte Z87X-OC
16 GB G.Skill Ares DDR3-2400Mhz
  1. fredmucelini, shedz and Paulo Gomes like this.
  2. shedz
    Good vid. How you finding the tyres on the 'Boxer'? I ran them at Taruma with default settings and tyre grip waved goodbye after a couple of laps.
  3. Andy Kettler
    Andy Kettler
    Until now I haven´t driven many laps with the Boxer Cup so i didn´t noticed tire wear :)
  4. Alex Sawczuk
    Alex Sawczuk
    Turn off your headlights :p Seems they make the grass blades look odd :s

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