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Automobilista AI Velopark

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Automobilista- Spanish Grand Prix- Formula Reiza Automobilista // #Reamke Hisotry# // F1 Barcelona GP 2016 AMS: Couple laps at Barcelona in a Red Bull Automobilista- Boxer Cup -@ Suzuka Quali lap at Melbourne Automobilista AI  Velopark Mitsubishi Lancer @ Tykke 4 - Automobilista Automobilista GTO Nogaro2004 4Fun - F3 @ Tarumã Automobilista // R8 Gordini + Simca 1300 // Suzuka East Automobilista // Mercedes 300 SLR // Jacarepagua Automobilista // Ford GT40 // Spielberg Historic
AI is learning the Track
  1. BattleOvce
    It sounds weird. Like there is no distance between camera and engine. It still screaming like standing right next to the car..
  2. Reb.Ellion
    And what should I change in your opinion?

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