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Assetto Corsa | VRC McLaren MP4/22 (V0.2) | Monaco | 1.13,874

On this day 10 years ago Fernando Alonso put his McLaren on Pole for the 2007 Monaco GP!
I was so hyped from all those ACFL 2017 laps that i couldn't say no to some laps in my alltime favorit F1 MOD for Assetto Corsa! The tiny McLaren went so aggressive through some of the corners and thanks to the TC (tractioncontrol) you can push the throttle so early that you get feared of it sometimes :D
The lap wasn't that tidy but pretty okayish and i think i lost 2 or 3 tenths there but hey! The wonderful sound from those V8 Enginge and the TC is worth a shabby ride isn't it? :D

Enjoy and try it on your own! Have fun


Track: https://mega.nz/#!URBh1JQR!6IMmyuggq5d3bNlGQIk979Pk0HbYQ7raE5zjesoPCWI

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