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Assetto Corsa | VRC McLaren Mercedes MP 4/22 | Nürburgring | 1.28,821

Now my next testdrive with the wonderful McLaren Mercedes MP4/22 from the Virtual Racing Cars Modding Team (VRC). This time on my hometrack the famous nürburgring which hosts the european GP back in 2007.
this time i did some proper setupwork and the handling at the end was so nice. It reacts like i want but had a bit to much midcorner understeer (just a tiny bit but for me to much).
I'd done some low fuel runs to compare my time with the real Q2 Times from 2007 and i was way to fast!
But nevertheless i had a great time with this car on this track and it is absolut worth it!
Give it a try and help the devs to improve this MOD even further!
Setup: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dw684sf0aess3jd/MP+4-22+N%C3%BCrburgring.ini

12 degree air tempreture
Soft Tyres
Optimal Trackgrip
Tc Setting 4
More Information about the car: http://www.vrc-modding-team.net/
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