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Assetto Corsa - Volvo FH Formula Truck v2.0 + Download

Game: Assetto Corsa

Car: Volvo FH Formula Truck
Track: Magione
Game Device: Logitech Driving Force Pro + ACT Labs Shifter
  1. Radu Oros
    Radu Oros
    Damn, Assetto's game engine would be perfect for a truck simulator game. Some company pls take the cue :)
  2. simseany
    This is really cool, but I have a bad bug where I can hear a very loud Turbo sound effect if I race with other trucks. If I drive on my own it's fine.

    How come there is no thread for this on AC forums or a proper download link here on RD? It's a very, very high quality addon.
  3. Sabine
    simseany if one has to ask why there is no thread at AC forums, then the answer is obvious: ripped from other Sims or converted without asking the modder which made the original mod. This one looks like Formula Truck by Reiza Studios ;-)
  4. Antonio Crinò
    Antonio Crinò

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