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Assetto Corsa v0.9.8 WIP Nords' by Snoopy

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Michael Hornbuckle
A lap around Snoopy's Nurburgring in the E92 M3
  1. LazyBug
    I wonder why still make this track since there gonna be a official one later ??
  2. Michael Hornbuckle
    Michael Hornbuckle
    Because later isn't now and this is one of, if not the best tracks in the world.

    Have you driven it yet?
  3. LazyBug
    Yeah i had play this track in NFS Shift 2 for a while but then never play again till now. Forget most of its layout already. Crazy long track to me.
  4. Michael Hornbuckle
    Michael Hornbuckle
    I might have to make a new video...this track with the Ferrari F40 using modern street tires (not semi-slicks) might just be the most amazing combo in sim-racing history...absolutely epic drive!!!
  5. LazyBug
    Yeah might be the good idea otherwise it take too long to finish just 1 lap. To be honest i didnt finish watch your video, i off half way of it but at least i didnt forget to Like. Cant figure how many tracks or cars gonna have in AC once that mod thing come out.

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