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Assetto Corsa URD EGT MOD Beta

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Assetto Corsa: Circuit de Catalunya - Episode 18 Race Room Experience :: Indianapolis :: GT2 Cars :: Single player Race [Race Driver: GRID] - Ford Mustang GT-R Concept - Muscle - Full HD Aston Martin Vantage GTE - URD - Talk&drive - Assettocorsa MOD [Race Driver: GRID] - Dodge Viper - Muscle - Full HD - [Mute] Assetto Corsa Jaguar XKR S + Download Car and Track Assetto Corsa URD EGT MOD Beta rFactor 2 IN DA HOUSE!! Prime Impressioni 6363 6364 6365 6366 6367 6368
John Oliver
First try of the URD EGT Car pack Mod
still in beta and does contain graphical glitches
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