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Assetto Corsa | Supercars RACE McLaren MP4 | Sentul International | DOWNLOAD LINK

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Assetto Corsa | Career - Novice Series Event 3 Project CARS | Supercars race MacLaren P1 | *NEW* Nurburgring Grand Prix | triple screen ULTRA 4K R3E - P4/5 at the Red Bull Ring R3E - P4/5 at RBR Sunset Assetto Corsa | Supercars RACE McLaren MP4 | Sentul International | DOWNLOAD LINK R3E - Carlsson CLK 340 Judd Assetto Corsa - Mercedes SLS GT3 at Spa 2:15.918 F1 2014 Online Australia 1.25.441 | Hotlap + Setup (Description) F1 2014 Career - Part 2: Malaysia
Awesome track, again made by Harruman, if it is his first build from scratch, i'm really impressed! Both his work Sentul and LippoVillage are TOP NOTCH, check it out.
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MP4 in stock settings has terrible understeer, if this car in RL drives like this, im happy i don't have to drive it daily ;)

Please don't judge game by modded content, sometimes mix of unfinished car + unofficial track can looks wired, but overall it should work better in other combination - particulary crazy AI's behavior due to Aventador addon car, which mess the AI's line. Again my fault i should check it before ;(

Assetto Corsa [RC 1.0.4]
Game is still under development. Please consider any gameplay is not representational of the final product.
Sentul International Circuit Final Version [1.2]
i7 + EVGA GTX780Ti SC 2way SLI [OC]
Settings: [ULTRA]
Screens: 3xLCD 32" [LG LN5400]
Mobile dashboard: [SinSpeed app]
Record: Canon 5D Mark MkII, Canon 16-35 f/2.8 II
Input device: [Fanatec CSR]
Driving model: [PRO]
Car setup: [stock]
AI [100%]
Track [best]

Track mod: Sentul International Circuit Final Version
Created by: Harris Muhammad
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