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Assetto Corsa Sochi Ferrri R458

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iRacing: Fun in the Volkswagen Jetta @ Watkins Glen RaceRoom Racing Experience - Audi 90 Quattro GTO @ Monza RaceRoom Racing Experience - ADAC Nissan GTR GT3 AI race @ Monza The Greatest Supercar. Ever. iRacing : 2014S4W4 Nationwide at Bristol 3 RaceDepartment Club Race - Perfect overtake. Assetto Corsa Sochi Ferrri R458 RD 19 11 14 F1 2014 - Season Finale Trailer #iRacing | 2014S4W4 Trucks (Fixed) at Daytona 3 Assetto Corsa Teaser: Lotus 49 #iRacing | 2014S4W4 Nationwide at Bristol 2 DTM Experience 2014 | BMW M4 DTM | Norisring | Cockpit View Full Race with Pit Stops Horizontal wheels
Mitja Bonca
Russian track Sochi
Originally made by WCP series
Converted and changed a lot according to original by Mitja Bonca

For download this great track, please pm me!
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