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Assetto Corsa: Sauber Mercedes C9 @ Le Mans 2015 No-Chicane

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Gui Cramer
After a long hiatus, back driving "something." A converted and updated Le Mans has just been released and I was curious to try out the Sauber C9. This was my first hotlap, I am sure I will drive again in the near future.

I lowered the rear wing to 1, modified the gearing (in the game increase the ratio, have 5th be at 400km/h and work your way down), and off I went.

Boost was set to 100%. The top speed was 382km/h for a split second, 380km/h was the lasting top speed. I am sure a consistently higher top speed can be achieved with a good setup. With this current set, a 3:21 is the usual target.
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