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Assetto Corsa | Porsche 917/30 at Riverside

Keith Dixon
Just a short 3 lap race to quickly show off one of the new cars in the DLC, the Porsche 917/30 at Riverside, AI at 100%

Too short to really get into but I sneaked in a couple of cheeky overtakes, I don't do H shifter and heel/toe as a rule, but it's a must for this car and the damn shifter came off the desk on the very last change, so a bit lucky, the AI were running in the 1:12's I think, my fastest was a 1:11.3

it's a pretty lively beast that turns like a tank at slow speed, but certainly has some poke and is great fun at a track like this
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  2. LilSki
    I haven't tried the AI yet with this car but seeing this is upsetting. Will have to investigate....
  3. Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon
    Well I've just had a quick play around with the car again and in race I'm knocking on the 1:09's near enough, so a good two and a half seconds faster atm, but once their sorted it's going to be a brilliant combo
  4. LilSki
    It might delay the release a bit to Sunday but I got the AI to run a 1:08.8 on the Nascar layout in the 917. I just have to tweak it for the other 3 layouts.

    EDIT: Well apparently the Ctrl+C AI is faster than the regular AI. With Ctrl+C it ran a 1:08 but the regular AI runs a 1:12. Before changes to the line it runs a 1:13 so it seems I gained 1 sec.
  5. Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon
    I did some longer testing on the short layout last night, regular AI in qual were high 1:17's back to 1:20's compared to low 1:15's for me, race pace was mid 1:18's at the top end, I ran 60% boost/1.3 bar all through the race and was comfortable in the 1:17's, I'm pretty sure RL qual on the short layout in this car was something in the 1:10's which is way beyond my level
  6. LilSki
    Yeah I messed with it a bunch last night and my conclusion is the AI just can't handle this car very well. I have fixed most of the major problems with the kink and some in the esses but I'm out of options. AC AI is just not ready for a car that is this crazy.
  7. Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon
    Lol true enough

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