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Assetto Corsa | Mister Downforce Achievement | 1:05.735

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TOP GEAR Test Track: La Ferrari: Demps151 Assetto Corsa Multiplayer action, great netcode! Multiplayer :: Assetto Corsa :: Super Cars :: Track IR Assetto Corsa - Exposure 2 Nords Duel Lambos Assetto Corsa | Mister Downforce Achievement | 1:05.735 red bull x2010 Escort 1600 AC • GT3 @ Monza | Rolling Start  E3L2 TOP GEAR Test Track: BTCC Cavalier 93: Demps151 Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa v1.4.1
Special Event: Mister Downforce
Car: Lotus 72D
Track: Silverstone International
RSR LiveTiming: http://bit.ly/1mgtglO
Realism: Pro + Auto clutch
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