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Assetto Corsa Mercedes AMG Silverstone

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LaFerrari F-40 vs LaFerrari F-40 vs LaFerrari Assetto Corsa - Time Assetto Corsa Miura Symphony Assetto Corsa Mercedes AMG Silverstone Assetto Corsa - Project Carmen Overcast Mod "It's like driving through modded Skyrim" BMW E90 Event at Lester SLS GT3 at Salem Valley F1 2014 Career - Part 11: Hungary MP4/8 WIP5 MP4/8 WIP4 MP4/8 WIP3
Scott Tanner
Nvidia Surround (Set your resolution)
Set Windows "Screen Resolution" (Right click desktop) to native resolution of your main monitor (mine is 1920x1080)
Set Nvidia Shadowplay to 720P 60fps
Set AC to triple screen and 3840 x 720P and record your game, or replays

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