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Assetto Corsa: McLaren MP5-12C GT3 Senna Skin by Koda Factory @ Nordschleife (DLC) [60 FPS]

[60 FPS] "Assetto Corsa" (Ver.1.1.1) by Kunos Simulazioni

- Car: McLaren MP5-12C GT3 (Default)
- Track: Nordschleife (Dream Pack 1 DLC) - Quick Race 1 Lap

0:00 - Showroom (feat. Custom liveries by Koda Factory)
1:23 - Replay 1 Lap (Camera TV1)
8:45 - Cockpit Camera Position (default "Onboard settings" app.)
9:04 - Onboard 1 Lap

Driving New Laser-Scanned Nordschleife, really challenging & mind-blowing racing experience! :)

*** Liveries (Skins) ***
2 custom liveries by Koda Factory + 7 default liveries

Thanks for "Alex Koda (Koda Factory)" for these special skins! :)

- Ayrton Senna Special Edition
- Koda Factory


*** In-game settings ***
- TC & ABS - On
- AI Difficulty - 98%
- Car Setup - used "generic - Default" setup in-game
- Other Settings - used the default settings

*** Music ***
Cindy Bradley - Button Legs
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  2. Vangelis Parginos
    Vangelis Parginos
    Nice vid and nice ayrton skin!!!! (y)
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  3. Tommi-TAG
    Thank you, parginos! Ayrton skin always looks special, and I like it very much!! :)
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