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Assetto Corsa Mazda 787b @ Spa

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Drifting RUF's @ Nurby URD T5 Mod @ Nurby Assetto Corsa:  Mclaren M23 (1973) @ Barbagallo Sideways Yellowbird F1XL Season 6 - Race 7. Abu Dhabi rd 22 12 14 Assetto Corsa Mazda 787b @ Spa Assetto Corsa Teaser: Ferrari 599XX Grid Autosport - Indianapolis 500.....umm or 20 laps.. 7768 7769 7770 7771 7772
Greg Latty
My first clean (but slow) lap with the Newly released Mazda 787b around Spa. This car is a fantastic mod. A must have for Assetto Corsa.
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