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Assetto Corsa massive save!

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Assetto Corsa MP - GT race at Mugello [Racedepartment] [60 fps] THE BIG ONE - Trucks at Miami Homestead iRacing | 2014S4W4 Trucks (Fixed) at Daytona iRacing: HPD-ARX01 Racing Hot-Lap @ Spa in the fog! iRacing | 2014S4W3 Trucks (Fixed) at Miami Homestead 7 Assetto Corsa massive save! 7432 7433 7434 7435 7436 7437 7438
Full lock powersliding anyone ? :D

Recorded in RD club race, 3rd lap i think. Donington GP (awesome track, thanks Brun! )

Download the track here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/donington-park-gp-circuit.3031/

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