• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Assetto Corsa | LOTUS EXOS T125 - Vallelunga 1:22.162

Falko Renner
Originally just a little bit Practice, but somehow i was able to set a pretty solid time (#8).

Two tiny Mistakes but it looks possible to break the 1:21 mark...someday. :)
  1. needforspeedgamer and juluka like this.
  2. juluka
    Thanks for using my skin while doing the 1:22 :)
  3. Falko Renner
    Falko Renner
    @juluka okay it was your work, i couldn't remember where i downloaded the skin, but i have to say thanks for that beautyful skin, i put a download link in the video description :)
  4. juluka
    No...I am pleased you are using it...!!!...not necessary to credit me... lol :)

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