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Assetto Corsa | Lotus Exos 125 - Nordschleife

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Lotus Exos 125 STD - Stock settings, soft tires.

This is one of my first runs with Exos (under 10 times drived this car),
so I'm a full novice in this situation.
I don't know if the lap is fast or slow,
only thing I know is I need more practice with Exos.
I bet it's easy to do this under 6, but again, just a newbie, need practice.

Sorry for sudden fps drops, I really don't know what was causing them,
fps-overlay said 60-100 all the time when recording.
Sorry for bad quality too, I acidentally dropped anistro-filter and Antialiazing off same time when I took postprocess effects off.

Nice runs and clean track-days for all racers!
And thanks for watching...

Logitech® G27

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