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Assetto Corsa - Lotus 2 Eleven - Nordschleife

In This Album

Assetto Corsa // AE86 vs. GT86 // Gunsai Touge Assetto Corsa: Ferrari F138 | Red Pack/1.7 Review - Episode 105 Audi R8 RD MX5 Cup | Round 4 Monza Assetto Corsa [60fps], Broadcast- and Helicopter-Camera @Spa Assetto Corsa - BMW Z4 GT3 at Nurburgring Assetto Corsa - Lotus 2 Eleven - Nordschleife Assetto Corsa Vs Real Life  - Ferrari F1 248 2006 @ Nurburgring World Endurance Championship Result WEEKEND Challenge
The Lotus 2-Eleven on the Nordschleife, the ultimat Driving Machine, why BMW has this slogan? Played by quad stick!

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