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Assetto Corsa LaFerrari @Nordschleife 7:02:700 (T500RS)

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Konstantinos Galanos
I know I have to improve my skills but hey, that was part of my first run with the car (a few laps preceded this one, laps that I would actually like to forget :-P). I hope you'll enjoy it. For those ones of you that might be wondering I am driving with the Thrustmaster T500RS. If you like this don't forget to check my other videos too. You'll find many ones at Nordschleife, what can I say, that's my favourite track by far!
  1. bullldoze
    not a bad time, at all! I've done it in 6:56
    Konstantinos Galanos likes this.
  2. Konstantinos Galanos
    Konstantinos Galanos
    That's great mate! The thing for me is to be able to set consistent times. In my case I doubt I could set two 7 min laps in a row. Needs some practice that will probably ruin my wedding :-P

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