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Assetto Corsa - GT3 Race - Imola - Graphics mod 2k

Twiiter : https://twitter.com/fanehimura88
Assetto Corsa GT3 Race
Logitech G25
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  1. Sabine Schmitz
    Sabine Schmitz
    A: you're not driving a gt3 car
    B: you shift waayyy too early
  2. Himura88
    there is a gt3 porsche mod ?
  3. Sabine Schmitz
    Sabine Schmitz
    You are driving either the URD EGT Darche, or a illegal conversion/ripped mod. Either way, you are driving a Porsche RSR, which is at the very least, a gt2 car. The GT3 Porsche is called the 911 GT3-R, of which there is no mod anywhere and will be made by kunos themselves.

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