• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Assetto Corsa, Formula Bus, 200 Subs Special

Hi Guys And Girls and today is the 200 sub special, its the start of the Formula Bus championship, its light out and away we ..........go i think

Championship website

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  1. Dave Fox likes this.
  2. budlix
    :-DDD Holy cow! This is craziness in the highest level of insanity!
    DEMPS151 likes this.
  3. brooptss
    Wow thats epic hahaha! There is SO MUCH variety in mods for assetto, it's a shame that so few are used. I will definitely give your league a look!!
    DEMPS151 likes this.
  4. Dave Fox
    Dave Fox
    LMAO This is brilliant !!!!
    Any chance of adding a few bus-stops and introduce mandatory stops :D
    DEMPS151 and budlix like this.

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