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Assetto Corsa Ford Escort RS 1600 Brands Hatch Dreampack 3 Trailer

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[Café Racing] The Spa 150 in the Corvette C7R [Café Racing] King of the Ring 1 in the Audi Quattro ACRL GT3 EU PRO Round02 Brands Hatch Assetto Corsa - Ferrari 458 GT2 @ Barcelona - Race Onboard Triple Screen Assetto Corsa: Sauber Mercedes C9 @ Le Mans 2015 No-Chicane Assetto Corsa: McLaren MP4/4 - Episode 85 Assetto Corsa Ford Escort RS 1600 Brands Hatch Dreampack 3 Trailer GTR-Masters Assetto Corsa GT3 - Donington Park Hot Race!!! Williams FW31 *Zandvoort * Race F1 2015 *International Circuit - Silverstone* Assetto Corsa hotlaps - F1 2009 Wiliams FW31 at Brands Hatch (1:02:802) Race F1 2015 *Mugello Circuit* ★Assetto Corsa - WTCC CARS Campeonato VLN 2016 - Rebufo.net - Barcelona Gp
Homemade Assetto Corsa Trailer featuring the Ford Escort RS 1600 on Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit, both content of the Dreampack 3 DLC. Best watched at 60 fps. All scenes driven with default car setup, 100% grip and 100% AI drivers. Special thanks to Vexento for his awesome song Pixel Party.

Assetto Corsa:

Vexento's music:

Software for video recording/editing:
Nvidia Shadow Play
Windows Movie Maker
  1. Knightly_
    Ford Escort is fun, Brands Hatch is fun, so I made a small trailer. Please make sure the video is set to 60fps in youtube.
    Radu Oros likes this.

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