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[Assetto Corsa (EA071)] - Ferrari F40 S3 - Mugello - 2.01.635 - Logitech G27 - Full HD

[Date yyyy.mm.dd: 2014.03.07]

This is the lap which gave me the gold achievement.
It's surely not the best lap possible, but I share the video 'cause I think the driving style I adopted it's handy for everybody.
The trick I used to tame this kicking car it's to make almost the whole lap with 3rd gear.
This help to manage turbo kick, and give you a range of throttle to use to manage the car behavious during curve.
Obviously this also prevent you to need to use properly the shifter and heel & toe (expecially if you're not great to do that, as neither am I).

The sole things to care about are:
- don't delay to brake, and do it only with straight wheels
- if there isn't a big brake before a curve, still give a little touch to charge front wheels
- anticipate curve (start steering a bit earlier)
- after apex, pre-charge turbo (partialize throttle)
- full throttle only with straight wheels

Game: Assetto Corsa (Early Access 0.7.1);
Car: Ferrari F40 S3;
Livery: Red;
Race: Time Attack;
Location: Scarperia (FI);
Track: Mugello;
Lap Time: 2.01.635;
Controller: Steering Wheel - Logitech G27;
Setup: Slick + Fuel 3 laps;
Driver Assistance: None;
Gears: H-Grid;
Clutch: Manual;
Difficulty: Expert.

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