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Assetto Corsa / Demon on Wheels 1:44.878 GOLD + Setup / OnBoard & Cinematic Camera / 60Fps

***WARNING Hardcore Challenge***
***Traction Control 5/12 (Ctrl+T in the game)***
Time: 1:44.878 Demon on Wheels GOLD. Setup. OnBoard & Cinematic camera. 60 Fps.
BMW Z4 GT3 at Imola.
Setup: http://thesetupmarket.com/#/setups/Assetto%20Corsa/579f50af7b7c9a342e407b1a/57cbe2fd2058ac3f12cb2de9
Achievement: Gold: 1:45.000. Silver: 1:46.000. Bronze: 1:48.000.
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