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Assetto Corsa - Catalunya HotLap "Break the 1:50 mark" Challenge in the 12C GT3

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A quick hotlap session of Catalunya with the 12C GT3 on an attempt to break the 1:50 mark, using stock setup, 22 degrees track temperature, optimum track surface while using the soft compound tyres as stated in the challenge set by the ADStudios folks.

The first lap is just some eye candy TV cam footage as it was to show off a new overcast mod I'm using, was just testing how the car behaved on the track with the stock setup. Proved to be quite understeer-y in the final sector during the recon out-lap, so had to back out in that sector quite a bit on the flying lap. Could probably shave a good second off the time with a proper setup. :p

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Catalunya link -

McLaren 12C GT3 REPSOL livery link -

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