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Assetto Corsa - BMW M235i Racing Nordschleife 2 Lap Race

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Assetto Corsa Konus NOS BMW E30 iRacing AOR Pro Mazda Preseason race at Sebring F1 2014 Career - Part 18: SEASON 1 FINALE! Abu Dhabi Assetto Corsa | *NEW* hypercar McLaren P1 on laser scanned RING | Fanatec V2 Formula Carbon Assetto Corsa: McLaren MP5-12C GT3 Senna Skin by Koda Factory @ Nordschleife (DLC) [60 FPS] Eeeeek!!! Assetto Corsa - BMW M235i Racing Nordschleife 2 Lap Race Assetto Corsa | BMW Z4 GT3 - Mugello Short Race iRacing | BMW Z4 - GT3 At Watkins Glen Assetto Corsa - First clean but slow lap around Nurburgring Nordschleife in Mclaren P1 good places for overtaking acs 2015 03 12 21 55 16 32 8419
Testing the AI in the harshest conditions they can imagine, on the Ring with track surface set to old and temp set to 15 c with AI difficulty at 100%. Quite impressed with how they performed, a million times better than pre 1.1 AI. They fight for position in a sensible way, respect your place on track and not drive in a frustratingly slow way like before. Somewhere in the 2nd lap the AI pulls some bold moves and does some side by side racing on some of the narrowest parts of the track, was a lot of fun. Good to see the AI programming is progressing in the right path. :D
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