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Assetto Corsa AE86 Challenge Nordschleife v1.6

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Assetto Corsa Akagi Taped Hand Challenge Initial D AE86 Mod 60fps | Wheelcam Assetto Corsa - Monza 66 - Helicopter Cameras Assetto Corsa -  Nissan GTR GT3 @ Spielberg - Onboard Triple screen Assetto Corsa // Mercedes CLK GTR // Spa Francorchamps S13 360 Training and Dorifto Downhill F1 Monaco GP 2016 - Simulator Onboard Lap Assetto Corsa AE86 Challenge Nordschleife v1.6 Assetto Corsa Toyota Supra MKIV (Time Attack) Nordschleife v1.6 Suzuka - Helicopter Cameras - Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa // Porsche 962 // Nordschleife Williams FW23 F1 2001 Zandvoort Assetto Corsa Real Onboard Cam Brabham BT44B AT Monza My SimRacing Moments | #1
9:22.133 Manual+Clutch no assist

Switching from DiRT Rally to Assetto Corsa really leave me confused.

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