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Assetto Corsa | ACFL F1 2017 MOD | Torro Rosso STR 12 | Spain | 1.18,085

The #SpanishGP is almost there and after Update V1.3 i felt the need to drive the amazing MOD from ACFL again!

This time i took the Torro Rosso from Carlos Sainz and drove some laps around the Circuit de Catalunya and to get it even more realistic i used the Softtyres for my laps!
So no Supersofts or even Ultrasofts!
With the Ultrasoft is a mid to low 1.16 possible i guess!

This lap would give me P2 on the ACFL League server!
I'm quite pleased with that, but my target was a 17,9 whoch i couldn't achive.

Next up: Monaco! ☀️☀️
Here is the setup which i used:
Tyres: softs
MGU-K setting: Charging on outlap & Hotlap on the Hotlap
airtemperature: 19 degrees celcius
trackgrip: optimal
ACFL website:

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