• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Assetto Corsa | ACFL F1 2017 MOD | Haas VF-17 | Monaco | 1.11,112

Here we are! ACFL F1 2017 in Monaco! Again?
Yes again! This time with full use of DRS everywhere and a time which blows (almost) everything away! It was a stunning lap overall and only 1 tenths was lost in front of the tunnel!
Sure i could cut the corners even more and gain 4 or 5 tenths but this is not the way i want to achive those times!

Thanks to madotter (lain) for the awesome Haas VF-17 skin!
Very well painted and it looks sweet!


Skin by madotter:

Track: https://mega.nz/#!URBh1JQR!6IMmyuggq5d3bNlGQIk979Pk0HbYQ7raE5zjesoPCWI

MOD: http://acfligue.fr/produit/acfl-f1-2017-beta-incluse/

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