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Assetto Corsa | ACFL F1 2017 MOD | Ferrari SF70-H | China | 1.32,710

Another Hotlap with the ACFL 2017 MOD in china but this time with Ultrasofts and the Ferrari on the Puplic ACFL server!

Holy Moly, this track with the Ultrasofts feels so unrel in some areas and the cornering speed is insane!
when you get in the flow, it´s hard to stop because it makes so much fun!
Get the MOD and try it on your own. you can get the Setup below

Setup: http://www.mediafire.com/file/27d8xd4bbwd93xi/ACFL_2017_Ferrari_SF70-H_China_1.32%2C710.ini


ACFL Puplic Server Info: http://manager.rackservice.org:50301/lapstat?track=china-gp&cars=acfl_2017_ferrari,acfl_2017_force_india,acfl_2017_haas,acfl_2017_mclaren,acfl_2017_mercedes,acfl_2017_redbull,acfl_2017_renault,acfl_2017_sauber,acfl_2017_tororosso,acfl_2017_williams&valid=1,2&date_from=&date_to=

ACFL F1 2017 MOD:
(really worth it)

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