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Assetto Corsa 1.9.3 F1 ACFL 2016 V4.02 WILLIAMS MASSA BRAZIL GP

Santi Raineri
Lap with Felipe Massa and Williams at Interlagos GP!
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  2. mibrandt
    How are the physics compared to official Kunos Ferrari F1 2015 car?
    Santi Raineri likes this.
  3. Santi Raineri
    Santi Raineri
    I think no, because this 2016 f1 are so fast like 2 second with setup stock.
  4. mibrandt
    Thx for the reply. Do they feel the same but just quicker.? I mean FFB etc
  5. Santi Raineri
    Santi Raineri
    You're welcome. About the ffb, this mod has a good feedback, but it isn't so good like an original SF15-T. In some point, like over 90° degrees, it is low the feedback. ps: i play with G27.
  6. mibrandt
    Ok thx very much !

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