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Assetto Corsa: 1.8/Ferrari FXX K (Tripl3 Pack) Review - Episode 108

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Ferrari 488 GTB at Nsuka Ferrari 488 GTB at Nsuka Race of Champions - TV Cameras - Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa - Mazda RX 7 - Gameplay 1440p60fps video Assetto Corsa Online Race Lotus Exos Silverstone Assetto Corsa SFT15 Spa Hot Lap Assetto Corsa: 1.8/Ferrari FXX K (Tripl3 Pack) Review - Episode 108 Assetto Corsa - BMW M3 E30 Group A @ Vallelunga ♦ 1:48.284 Assetto Corsa - Abarth 500 EsseEsse @ Vallelunga Club ♦ 1:00.930 The Aventador Green Hell Chase F1 2016 vs Assetto Corsa | Ferrari SF16-H @ Spa-Francorchamps | DrivingItalia.net Assetto Corsa Ferrari 488 GT3 Hotlap Monza 1:48:040 Nsuka - Ferrari 488 GTB - TV Cams - AC Assetto Corsa - Praga R1 at Nurburgring - DLC TRIPL3 PACK
With the 1.8 release of Assetto Corsa to match with the console release, and the release of the Tripl3 Pack DLC, I take a look at historic Monza and then the Ferrari FXX K, which is a simply sublime vehicle!

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