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AMS | Indycar at Oulton classic

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This Caterham is on LSD - AMS Beta - Cadwell Park - Caterham 620R Automobilista - Formula Vee - Brasilia Exterior (Soft and Loose Setup) Automobilista Caterham 620R(Beta) at Oulton Park (Hotlap) Automobilista | Public Server Stock Car 2015 V8 @ Automobilista | RaceDepartment Event Formula 3 F309 @ Brasilia Automobilista | RaceDepartment Event V10 @ Interlagos AMS | Indycar at Oulton classic Automobilista (beta) - Caterham 270 - @ Cadwell Park - Automobilista (beta) - Caterham 360 R - @ Brands Hatch - Automobilista (beta)- Caterham 620 R - @ Oulton Park - Remontada Épica - Automobilista  - Champ Racingclub.es - Spielberg Epic online victory! Automobilista - Resultado da Pesquisa! Copa Montana em Velo Città - Gameplay Reiza [PT BR] [Brasil] Automobilitsa Beta  :: Cadwell Park :: Live Stream
Keith Dixon
Oulton classic with the Indycar mod, AI @ 105%

Just a bit of fun, hadn't driven this mod for ages and wanted to see what it was like at this track

Honestly thought the race had finished at the end of lap 7 so backed off a bit then noticed there was a lap to go, plank moment I'll put down to tiredness after a hard days work

I'll be throwing up videos every now and again of races so there will be some variation in games and tracks to come
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