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AC - World record RSR - 190E DTM at Imola

Assetto Corsa version 1.1.6
RSR live timing: http://www.radiators-champ.com/RSRLiveTiming/index.php?page=rank&track=2&car=1206
  1. brooptss and Tommi Saari like this.
  2. gta8770
    Now try to do the same but with H-PATTERN.
    Only at this moment will be a WR.
  3. Akis
    gta8770 this was done with H-pattern :D
    Check the rsr info if you don't believe me
    Hany Alsabti and brooptss like this.
  4. Hany Alsabti
    Hany Alsabti
    Haha good one Akis, H pattern and heel n toe!!!

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