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A Pack Of Cobra's @ Gen Track 1

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Cobra interior Cobra interior assetto corsa:mixed gt class race at nurburgring gp Cobra Project CARS - Caterham R500 @ Barcelona GP Assetto Corsa hotlap - McLaren MP4-12C GT3 at Gentrack1 A Pack Of Cobra's @ Gen Track 1 F1XL Season 5 - Race 11. Monaco RD GT3 Race Grid Autosport (Very Hard ♦ PC) - PIPERCROSS ♦ CAT C ♦ Touring Car Series (2 Events ♦ Season 1) Assetto Corsa hotlap - Shelby Cobra S1 at Blackwood Shelby Cobra S/C on Da 'Ring by Snoopy Shelby Cobra 427 on street tires at the Nordschleife v1 0
Michael Hornbuckle
I'm using the Shelby Cobra S/C with a couple more clicks of gear in it and the 'Performance" tires...The AI are in the S1 version. The already amazing mod is available here:
and here:

Gen Track 1 v0.94 is the newest version of the scratch made track; the update just came out today. Sneer is doing a great job and the track just keeps getting nicer and nicer.
Gen Track 1 is available here:

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