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A father's reaction to flying by Isle of Man TT racers

Epic, this is what motorsport does to people :inlove:

I am cool...
I am cool...
I am cool...
I am cool...
  1. DPCustoms
    one of the sites required my wishlist! IS AMAZING!
    Bram likes this.
  2. Bram
    Same for me, never been there but I'd love to go at least once.
  3. Matej Lakota
    Matej Lakota
    One of my ex-rival and friend raced there about 15 years ago, but I had something important to do at my work that days, so I had no chance go with him as a support staff. When I see video like this, I am always start to thinking is about my missed opportunity.
  4. Sunny Sky Speed
    Sunny Sky Speed
    Maybe RD can arrange something?
  5. Dux
    This is insane :S

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